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[5:30] Lana del Rey talks about collaborating with Lady Gaga:

Interviewer: Your collaboration with Lady Gaga, is it gonna go beyond like a video collaboration, are you going to be doing music and all that? Come on!
Lana: I don’t think there is a collaboration! 
Interviewer: Are you ever not gonna work together?
Lana: I don’t… I don’t know, we haven’t spoken… Yeah, we haven’t spoken so I think she’s probably making her record, I don’t think it’s on her agenda. 

Short Interview with “La Vanguardia”

Lana talks about the Sónar Festival, the recording process of ‘Born To Die’ and what she has planned for her tour around Europe, including a set list with 5 brand new songs!

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Lana sits down for an interview and performs Born To Die, Carmen, Video Games, and Blue Jeans.

Interview with Daft Dog (2010)

Lana’s Interview for S Moda (English Translation)

Lana Del Rey BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge Interview (Full)